Return & Refunds

At the time of delivery, you can adivse the customercare by SMS/Whatsapp with
Image to discard/return whatever you are not happy with and we will make the
necessary adjustments to your order value.

If a product is returned due to a change in mind, or a reason other than the
quality of the product, and your order value goes below our minimum order
requirement, you will be assessed an additional delivery fee.

In case you have already paid for the returned item previously (through an online
transaction, or subscription), a credit will be offered to the wallet for future
transactions. For a particular item, a partial return is not possible. For instance, if
you are unhappy with 2 pieces of cucumber out of 5, you will have to return all 5

Please send us a complaint in time! We are not able to credit or replace any items
which have been kept beyond a period of 3 days, in case of perishables, and beyond
their expiry date in case of non perishables, but have not been complained about.