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Our food family starts with a network of local Organic & Natural Farmers’ Farm2Fridge is owned and operated by a Natural Farmer. With over 25 team of farmers’ in Telangana State & Andhra Pradesh supporting farming families. We work together to find ways to cultivate ,supply & eat sustainably.

"We understand that organic food isn't just about better flavour and nutrition. It's also about being part of a food cycle that cares for people and the environment.

Your subscription membership with Farm2Fridge supports an ethical food philosophy. The farmers that grow your food do not use any dangerous chemicals at all, but rather safe practices like Organic or Natural Farming or ZBNF(Zero Budget Natural Farming or Shri Padmasri Subash Palekar’s method) that improves the quality of the soil with each crop.

This is the ethical way to keep farm employees healthier, and harmful chemicals out of the soil and broader eco-system & giving accessibility to good food to the consumers’ .

We invite you to join our food journey, as we continue exploring certified organic food and finding ways to eat sustainably. From our family to yours, let's grow better together."

Why Us ?

We are pioneers of ethically sourced, top notch food and drink from people who, like us, truly care about good food that's grown and made properly. Even our organic grocery box, Vegetable box & fruit boxes are made to fit how people cook and eat, and can be tailored so you only get things you love. We also make fantastic organic millet bread and free range country eggs and more.

Well sourced

Our farmers are brilliant. We talk to them every day and have close relationships with them all. It means we get the pick of their crop, and we make sure they get a fair deal too. Much like us, they believe in mantra ‘Grow slow', and giving brilliant food time to bake, grow, mature and ripen for the best taste possible.

Care for animals, environment and people are at the core of everything we do and of course we are also committed to comply with the The produce is always fresh and tasty and there's great variety every week. I've discovered a lot of new things I love thanks to them being in the box!

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