Farm to Fridge-Your Partner for Freshness

With todays farmers starting to use more and more pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals for more produce, consuming population are becoming victims of various diseases at a very tendern age. This is where the organic way of farming comes to the rescue.

According to a study that compared the benefits of conventional produce to that of organic produce, the organic fruits and vegetables were found to have 75 percent more antioxidants than the conventional ones.

Hyderabad based farmer organization Farm2Fridge is your one stop solution for all your organic needs.

As We all know that it’s not easy being organic. Your neighborhood grocery store is more accessible and stores the same colorful veggies in its aisles. However, just think whether accessibility is the only thing that is making you compromise with the precious health of You & Your family. Organic vegetables may not be as colorful as the regular chemical adultered counterparts, yet they cook faster and taste a lot better with exponential nutriotional values than the traditional ones.

Farm2Fridge works together with its family of in home farmers with innovative ways to cultivate, supply and provide You sustainable food at the same time caring for environment and your own people.  

Another unique aspect of Farm2Fridge is the provisioning of the fresh produce right to your kitchen with its dedicated delivery system. It also has a subscription model based delivery wherein you can choose for fruit and vegetable boxes in three different sizes depending upon your daily/weekly needs.

Fresh produce from the fields will reach direct to Your doorstep with comfort of ordering from your home through our Mobile App & Website.

Our inventory also boasts of a fantastic organic millet bread and free range of country eggs provided for your convenience.

This organization is a farmer based partner setup wherein you can even see from which farm those tomatoes in your dinner are coming from along with even finer info like the name of the farmer and the location of the tomato field too. In a way, Farm to Fridge helps in giving back to the farmers as much as you are receiving from them.

It’s an organization Of the farmers, By the farmers and For the farmers.

The partner farmers get the lion’s share of the profits as there are no middlemen involved. Also, being the face of their own produce gives them a sense of satisfaction that has been due for long in our society.

The farmer organization of Farm2Fridge procures, sorts, grades, packs and labels the fresh produce all the while keeping the end consumer aware of the process and the identity of the farm from where their fruits and vegetables are being procured. One can even take a trip down the road to the same farm that provides the food on their table to have a tete-a-tete with the respective farmer and his or her family. 

Today, with more and more people getting health conscious, Farm to fridge offers a chemical free healthy option right on your fingertips. Once you switch over to organic fresh produce and groceries, You will for sure feel a drastic change in your body.

Even your refrigerator shall smell different- a Raw, Earthy & Healthy fragrance that will transcend the smell & freshness of the fields to your HOME.     

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