Complaints and Quality

For complaints we receive after the delivery pertaining to quality issues, a credit
will be offered to the wallet for the next delivery.

Complaints received after 3 days of delivery for fresh produce (fruits and
vegetables) will be handled on a case by case basis. This is because some more
perishable or tender vegetables do not have a shelf life greater than that.

We guarantee freshness at the time of delivery, so we encourage people to send in
complaints ideally at the time of delivery, or else soon after, so that
refunds/credits can be easily processed.

There are a few characteristics of organic produce that need to be accepted by
customers. In cases where a customer does not acknowledge this, he/she has the
option of returning the products at the time of delivery, however refunds or credit
after payment will not be accepted. The following are some examples:

Produce might be unevenly shaped, might not be very shiny or big. But it should be
good inside. Organic is not about perfect looks, and does not rely on artificial
growth promoters or chemicals to enhance physical appeal. The vegetables look like
nature intended them to. This might be very apparent in cases of things like
apples, which otherwise are infamous for heavy chemical and wax use (to make
them look pretty), while in some cases the vegetables will look no different than a
chemically grown vegetable.

There might be slight variations in color, size, and taste over the season of the
vegetable. Again, it is because the characteristics of the vegetable can change with
the weather.

On rare occasions, customers find a bug or two inside a vegetable. We are not
referring to a big bug that has eaten a chunk of a vegetable, but a small bug inside
a cucumber, or a piece of okra or brinjal. This will not happen very frequently, but
there can happen once in a while. This is actually proof it is organic! A simple
solution is to cut away the part with the little insects and use the rest. To be safe,
you can boil the vegetable well. Ask your mother, granny and aunts, they will tell
you this was not unusual until the 90s