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Yes.. Fill your basket with full of fresh varieties 3 days before your requirement. We will deliver you with in very next possible slot of shipping 

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We provide you all the Natural fruits & vegetables at a same price all over the year. We deliver you at the same lowest price even when the market rates are at sky


Yes.! You read absolutely correct. We fill your fridge with complete organic fruits & Vegetables which harvests on same day. We pluck , Pick & Place at your door step.


Yes. We are group of farmers joined together to feed your hunger with healthy food. We are very glad to give you the best food for you & your family..

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Why Farm2Fridge

We are committed to serving the purest, most natural form of food available to us.
Constantly innovating and working towards a world free of chemicals, we pride
ourselves on delivering to you, only what is worthy of being served at your home.
We conduct frequent lab tests and audits to ensure we are living up to our
promise! In turn, our farmers trust us with their produce and we trust you to
make the right choice.


We are here to support you

How do i know these vegetables are really Organic ?

Organic produce is subject to stringent monitoring and testing. We would be
happy to provide a copy of the certificate, and encourage you to visit our farms
and learn about organic farming from a first-person perspective!
Terms & Conditions
Thanks for shopping with us! Not only does this purchase bring good health for you
and your family, it also supports the grassroots movement promoting organic
agriculture which stands for farmer prosperity and environmental sustainability

If i don’t like something can I return it ?

At the time of delivery, customer can notify our customer care/whatsapp with
images & before compost it whatever you are not happy with and the amount will
be credited to your wallet within 2 working days. The same amount will be used in
your future purchases. SMS will be sent to this effect. Complaints received after 3
days of delivery will be handled on a case by case basis. This is because some more
perishable or tender vegetables don’t have a shelf life greater than that. We
guarantee freshness at the time of delivery, so we encourage people to send in
complaints ideally at the time of delivery, or else soon after, so that
refunds/credits can be easily processed.

There are a few characteristics of organic produce that need to be accepted by
customers. In cases where a customer does not acknowledge this, he/she has the
option of returning the products at the time of delivery, however refunds or credit
after payment will not be accepted. The following are some examples:
Produce might be unevenly shaped, might not be very shiny or big. But it should be
good inside. Organic is not about perfect looks, and doesn’t rely on artificial growth
promoters or chemicals to enhance physical appeal. The vegetables look like nature
intended them to. This might be very apparent in cases of things like apples, which
otherwise are infamous for heavy chemical and wax use (to make them look
pretty), while in some cases the vegetables will look no different than a chemically
grown vegetable There might be slight variations in color, size, and taste over the
season of the vegetable. Again, it is because the characteristics of the vegetable can
change with the weather.
On rare occasions, customers find a bug or 2 inside a vegetable. We are not
referring to a big bug that has eaten a chunk of a vegetable, but a small bug inside
a cucumber, or a piece of okra or brinjal. This is actually proof it is organic! A
simple solution is to cut away the infested part and use the rest. To be safe, you
can boil the vegetable well.

Why is the delivery days 2 days in a week?

We have many orders to cover in the entire Hyderabad Area, and sometimes
houses can be a little hard to find! And then there is also Hyderabad traffic…
Within the delivery period you can request to have your order delivered within the
first or second half of the delivery period for your convenience.

Why does my order come in a crate ?

A major component of organic farming is the use environmentally sustainable
practices. We believe the same and try to lower our carbon footprint as much as
possible through our packaging. Using eco-friendly bags to pack individual
vegetables ,recyclable crates minimizes the use of plastic packaging, making it
better for the earth.

If I order now, when is the soonest I can receive my delivery ?

We follow ” Same Day Harvest & Same Day Delivery ” We harvest two times in
a week. We need 3 days time to process your delivery to deliver on the day of

Why are your vegetables cheaper than other Organic Vegetables ?

Our goal is to make them affordable for everyone. We provide a direct link from
the farm to your table. We also operate on a bigger scale than other organic
suppliers, and have a thoroughly planned and efficient supply chain which helps in
being price competitive